Our Partners



Hr partners

BPI group is a global management and human resources consulting firm, focused on helping individuals and organisations navigate change. Founded in 1984 in Paris, France, BPI group operates in forty countries around the world. We partner with HR and business leaders to align, engage, develop, and transition talent, providing solutions that span the talent management lifecycle. 

Alceis Global Nomads Alceis Global Nomads aims to accompany its clients throughout the cycle of international mobility, considering the whole range of needs of both companies and managers. 

Wickland Westcott is a recruitment company based in London. It is the exclusive BPI partner in UK. Harmony & Mobility Consulting is collaborating on Outplacement assignments with Wickland Westcott.

Beyond Performance collaborates around the world with an extensive network of professionals who share a common philsophy and approach towards leadership and performance development. 

SOL CONSULTING Singapore is a company that offers team coaching and management consulting services. They collaborate with us in Singapore to develop programs built with the co-development approach.

Aude de Saint Exupéry is a professional coach focusing on people development. She helps you revealing your true talents, know yourself better and develop your self-confidence, thanks to different tools including Enneagram. Aude collaborates with us in London during the Job Search Accelerator.

Multi-cultural partners

AMJ Consulting provides intercultural consulting and coaching in China, Hong Kong, and Europe to ease European and Chinese managers' adaptation to a global complex environment. 


​Since 1979, The FCCS - French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore has been developing relations between its members and the Singaporean business community. A member since 2010, Harmony & Mobility Consulting is active in several committees and regularly facilitating workshops for job seekers. 

Non-profit organisations

Since 1975, the Association Française de Singapour (AFS)  has been a central player in the French network in Singapore. 230 volunteers work in this non profit organisation to help people discover and appreciate Singapore and to promote French culture in an Asian environment. Harmony & Mobility Consulting has led several talks and workshops in partnership with the AFS.

The Career Ressource Center for Excellence (CRCE) offers invaluable services to expats seeking personal and professional development opportunities in Singapore through an exclusive job board and workshops. Harmony & Mobility Consulting has led several talks and facilitated workshops on expatriation, 

Networking organisations

Singapore Women Network is a networking organisation supporting women in the development of a business or to facilitate a job search.  Harmony & Mobility Consulting is an active partner of SWN organising talks meetings especially on job search topics.  

Created in 2019, AllTrippers is a collaborative platform for French-speaking tourists and expatriates in London. It includes: frequently asked questions, good addresses, classified ads, events, business directory, news, guides and promo codes. Harmony & Mobility Consulting is part of their experts team and shares information and advice related to job search in London.