Expatriation Boomerang

by Harmony & Mobility Consulting

You have decided to go back to your home country, but your exact plan is yet to be defined. Or maybe you have no choice and have to return home. Your company has asked you to relocate after an assignment abroad. Or you are actively looking for a new challenge. Maybe you would like to take this opportunity to bounce back on the job market after a break overseas. A lot of things to think about before returning home. A lot to organise. And often so little time. 

You would like to anticipate and prepare for your return home, an important component of the expatriation process, but unfortunately often overlooked.


The program Expatriation Boomerang has been designed to help you prepare your return home:

  • Step back, pause and reflect

  • Clarify your return-home plan

  • Identify your strengths 

  • Unty the knots

  • Set you in motion

Our assets

A holistic approach, integrating the identity, the emotional and the practical dimensions of a return home.

A structured program à la carte, according to your needs. The right balance: stretching you in your reflection while supporting you within a caring environment

Experts in supporting people in their transition for more than 10 years, with both 1:1 coaching and collective intelligence activities

A program "à la carte"

according to YOUR specific needs


For all participants, i.e. people who want to step back, clarify their plan and benefit from the support of a caring croup to gain some momentum

  • 12h of group coaching
  • Coaching tools to help you reflect in-depth
  • Co-development sessions to benefit from collective intelligence
  • Contributions from outside experts
  • Private and select community
  • Bonus content
  • Participation to our Café Pro when back in France



For people who want to overcome specific barriers or work on their unique challenges with a highly personalised support.

  • 3 sessions of 1:1 coaching



For people who would like to take action quickly and start to leverage on their existing network and develop it. 


You want to know more? For more information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be very pleased to discuss with you on your specific return-home plan! 

You are a company who wants to support their international employees mobility? Read us here and contact us to dicuss how we can support you in this endeavor.



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Their feedback ...

"An interesting job offer is definitively not enough. Going back to France needs to be a real project, a relevant one, well-thought (...) Being prepared to the reverse cultural shock helped me a lot."   Claire, Business Development Manager

"We are rapidly caught in the logistics and admin aspects of moving back home. Preparing your career plan helps to stay in control in what is a real upheaval​ in our life"  Maxime, Managing Director

"We should not neglect our support system. Coaching has helped me reactivate dormant ties​ before going back. Being able to surround myself was key " , Laurent, VP Marketing

"It is a real life transition. Choosing to go back requires deep self-refection. It is a career plan but also a life plan." Pauline, Retail Manager