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Our weekly Selection during Covid19

Our weekly Selection during Covid19

An after Covid 19 world is shaping up. Which will be the most important changes in your organization? How to manage them? And how to make the best of it? To inspire your, here is our weekly selection about:

Collaboration and Communication in the Covid 19 era by Mark Mortensen (podcast to listen)

Career & Resilience [FR]: Réinventer sa carrière avec résilience suite à la crise du Covid 19 by Francoise Carbonnel and Thierry Moschetti  (to watch)

Leading Effectively Remote Teams: People Relationships First by Patrick Delamaire (to read) 

[FR] Le manager émotionnellement intelligent par Dr. Christophe Haag (To learn) -

Joy : Beethoven’s Ode to Joy To unwind)


Our Weekly Selection during Covid19
How to keep your motivation flying high in uncerta...