My 6 tips for a successful transition abroad

My 6 tips for a successful transition abroad

When the expatriation is planned, the transition often occurs before the real change. During this stage of pre-transition, a lot of questions are raised: Where are we going to live? What is the best school for the kids? When are we going to settle there? What if both of us want to work? How to manage the departure from the current job? Is there any chance to be relocated there?

This paper could be full of pragmatic questions and formalities, raised in order to fix the new life.

However, the cultural face of the adventure should not be forgotten. Understand the new country and its culture is key in the preparation for the move. Expatriation is not just about relocating your life, it is about getting started in the new country and becoming familiar with its customs and traditions. In doing so, you are likely to smoothen the cultural shock that all people face while arriving in a new country.

Here are some of the most common tips to give people who prepare their project of living abroad.

  • Extending your network and contacting people living where you plan to go
  • Reading books or other resources, about spouse expatriation or working abroad
  • Attending an intercultural seminar to get the keys to understand the country of expatriation
  • Attend language courses
  • Taking information on the labor market
  • Activating the professional network

Before leaving your home country and living abroad, first be in shape and open up!

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