The key success factors for co-development groups within a company

The key success factors for co-development groups within a company

Creating a co-development group within a company gives employees a new way to grow: learn from their individual experience and that of others. This is an opportunity to strengthen ties within the company and thus strengthen the sense of belonging by breaking down the silos that might exist.

Many benefits, of course, but sometimes legitimate barriers are being heard. Based on our experience as co-development facilitators, I am now going to share 5 success factors for co-development groups within a company.

  1. Framework: Participants are invited to define the necessary conditions for expressing themselves with confidence. Confidentiality is a must, as is benevolence. The facilitator is the guardian of the co-constructed set of rules.
  2. Clear objective: Wether the co-development group is proposed as a new way of learning, a way to facilitate the change of organization or corporate culture, or an opportunity to put into practice a new learning, each participant will benefit most from the collective's experience if the objective is well known.
  3. Diversity of functions of the participants: On the one hand, it allows the emergence of varied perspectives, and on the other hand allows the creation of an environment in which each participant can speak without apprehending the gaze of another of his team member. Therefore participants will have to be of the same hierarchical level but from different teams.
  4. Managers’ sponsorship: the managers of the participants play a key role in communicating about the co-development program objectives, in the identification of potential participants, and in the support they can bring in participants’ development
  5. Participation made on a voluntary basis: A co-development group is certainly a fantastic training and development opportunity. Nevertheless, each participant sharing his own challenge, it will be a matter of agreeing to expose himself and share. 

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