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Harmony & Mobility Consulting was created in 2009 in Beijing, by Françoise Carbonnel, Catherine LazBounatirou, and Marie Rivière, three Human Resources consultants. In starting this company, they had been driven by they desire to use their expertise to support expats and their partners in overcoming the challenges that arise from professional mobility. Strengthened by this early experience in this specific area, Harmony & Mobility Consulting has since broadened its range of services to help  their clients face various transition challenges in an increasingly globalised world.

  1. In 2012, Aude Beneton became a partner of Harmony & Mobility Consulting. Séverine Charzat joined the firm as consultant in 2014 and as partner in 2016. Finally, Alice Lanteri,  Hélène Bertoneche and joined the team in 2018.

  2. Harmony & Mobility Consulting has been expending its geographical outreach, with its services available in: Singapore (starting in 2010), Casablanca (2011), Brussels (2012) as well as London (2015), Manila (2016), and Paris (2017) 

  3. Curently, Harmony & Mobility Consulting’s partners also include BPI Group - leading experts in outplacement in France, Alceis - French guidance specialists for expats and their partners and Asianoveo - experts in mobility from and to Asia. Harmony & Mobility Consulting is also member of Reseau Entreprendre, an organisation that supports entrepreneurial projects. It is also in partnership with numerous local non-profit organisations.

  4. Today, the eight consultant-coaches participate in the firm’s international development. They are committed to supporting individuals and organisations during the challenging stages of their transitions. 

The logo of the company is Hé Xié, the chinese character which means harmony.



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